Fleet Management Solutions with Real-time Visibility
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Boost Productivity & Control Costs

+ Real-time tracking of fleet vehicles
+ Dispatch your nearest vehicle
+Fast, integrated mapping
+ Accurate ETAs
+ Customer zones & geofencing

Improve Safety & Compliance

+ Risk & Safety Reports
+ Driver feedback
+ Instant Accident Notifications
+ Policy Rules & Alerts
+ Monitor Seatbelts


+ IOX Technology
+ SDKs & APIs
+ Driver ID
+ Monitor Sensors & Signals with IOX-AUX

Cut Fuel Costs & Optimize Fleet

+ Fuel Consumption Tracking
+ Reduce Speeding & Unnecessary Idling
+ Route Optimization
+ Detect Engine Issues
+ Remote Diagnostics

Remote Fleet Management Solutions

Manage your fleet and commercial vehicles like it’s 2017. Capital Fleet is excited to partner with Geotab to provide our Fleet customers with a complete fleet management solution to help give you peace of mind while optimizing your fleet operations.

Geotab GO7

What is Geotab?

Geotab is a secure and scalable way to monitor your fleet and integrates with the Fleetio management system. With the easy “Plug & Play” Geotab GO7 Vehicle Tracking Device, you’ll receive second-by-second data including odometer readings, system warnings and diagnostic codes, fuel efficiency, and more.

Automatic Odometer Updates

Every day at midnight in your account’s time zone, Fleetio will automatically update the current odometer reading for each vehicle mapped to a Geotab device. You can also manually trigger an odometer update anytime you want from the vehicle profile screen in Fleetio.

Odometer Readings
Fuel Location Exception

Fuel Location Exceptions

With the Geotab integration, Fleetio automatically checks the vehicle’s GPS location every time it processes a fuel card transaction. If the vehicle wasn’t actually near the fuel vendor, Fleetio sends an email to admins flagging the vehicle and the fuel entry.

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Alerts

You no longer need to rely on the drivers to advise if the “check engine” light is on. If a fault code with the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) on is detected by Geotab, a DTC Alert will appear in Fleetio.

New DTC Alerts will trigger an email notification to the admin. Taking action on a DTC is easy, create an Issue from the DTC Alert, or simply choose to ignore it. Once an Issue is created from a DTC Alert, the normal workflow kicks in and you add it to a Work Order or use a Service Entry to resolve it and the DTC will automatically be marked as resolved.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Alerts
Accident Alert

Capital Fleet with Geotab is your answer for managing your fleet,
no matter the size.

Talk to one of our Fleet experts today to learn more about Geotab and our other fleet solutions.